Aims of the project

The Child In Mind project is aimed at supporting inclusive high quality Vocational Education and Training relevant to the needs of informal childminders across the social spectrum.
The overall goal is to address the gap in the availability of educational resources for informal childminders. In addressing this gap we aim to create a flexible pathway to learning and development of informal childminders, thus having a positive impact on the quality of care provided to young children (O-6) in the home.


  1. Enhance access of informal childminders to training through the development of open educational resources tailored to their needs.
  2. The resources will be freely available on line, thus enabling learners to follow a flexible learning pathway, to build on their capacity to provide care relevant to early childhood care in an informal context.
  3. Foster strategic partnerships with Municipalities, VET providers and associations of disadvantaged groups to provide a platform offering courses for informal childminders in the respective jurisdictions with an emphasis on those wishing to or currently provide informal childminding.
  4. Ensure sustainability of project through the active involvement of public VET providers, social organisations and municipalities in the partnership countries.

Target groups

  1. Those who work or plan to work as informal childminders of chldren 0-6yrs, and especially those who may experience socio-economic disadvantage.
  2. Those who are interested in offering courses on childminding e.g:
  • Vocational training institutions that provide childcare courses.
  • Those representing or supporting disadvantaged groups related to career development.
  • Bodies providing family support to vulnerable groups.
  • Municipalities and government funded organisations who have an interest in early childhood care and education.