Outputs of the projects

  • Evidence-based learning outcomes for informal childminders

    Through desk and field research, the compilation of collected data and analysis of evidence, resulted in the learning outcomes report and definition of learning outcomes.

    Evidence Based Learning Outcomes Report: Download

  • ChildInMind learning units & materials

    This output comprises the development of modular learning units that constitute the major prerequisite for the development of the ChildInMind self-paced online course. The ChildInMind learning units can be also used by any public or private training entity to train informal childminders in providing effective early childhood education and care at home. Each learning unit consist of a unique set of learning outcomes, defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competences.

    Grouping Learning outcomes report: Download

  • ChildInMind Self-paced Open Online Course

    The self-paced Open Online Course will contain the  materials and resources required to take the learner through the programme in a flexible way that will build on thier capacity to childmind.  The ChildInMind online course will be offered in the five languages of the partnership (EN, IT, ES, EL, SK) will be hosted in a MOOC (Massive Open On Line Course) platform.

    Online Course

    Learner´s e-book: Download

  • Knowledge resources for providers of the ChildInMind course

    This output will identify important aspects related to the setup, introduction, and running of a training program for informal childminders by relevant stakeholders and develop the appropriate resources to support them in doing so. (e.g. administrative, organisational, legal etc.)

    User manual: Download